Designing Effective Qualitative Research

Hoepfl, M. C. (1997) Choosing qualitative research: A primer for technology education researchers. Journal of Technology Education, 9, 47–63 According to Hoepfl (1997), research in technology education has largely relied on quantitative research, possibly due to its own limitations in knowledge and skill on qualitative research design. Desiring to increase the implementation of qualitatively designed research,... Continue Reading →

Using A Learning Ecology Perspective

Barron, B. (2006). Interest and self-sustained learning as catalysts of development: A learning ecology perspective. Human Development, 49, 193-224. Not all learning is done in school. While such a statement may seem obvious, Barron (2006) denotes that studies of learning often focus specifically on formal atmospheres of learning (schools and labs) and in doing so miss the big... Continue Reading →

A Consequence of Design – Considering Social Inequality in Educational Technology Research

Tawfik, A. A., Reeves, T., & Stich, A. (2016). Intended and Unintended Consequences of Educational Technology on Social Inequality. Techtrends: Linking Research & Practice To Improve Learning, 60(6), 598-605 Technology has often been considered a potential route for addressing inequalities of access and quality within education.  However, Tawfik et. al. (2016) consider such a perspective to be... Continue Reading →

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